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Grandmaster Robert Cutrell, Soke/Founder ChunJiDo

Grandmaster Robert Cutrell is the Founder of the art of ChunJiDo and the ChunJiDo International Martial Arts Organization. Grandmaster Cutrell has been recognized as one of the top self-defense experts in the world. He is a multiple Hall of Fame inductee and was recently inducted into the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame, martial art's largest and most prestigious hall of fame, for his “Outstanding Contribution to the Arts.” In addition to being recognized as the Soke of the art of ChunJiDo, Grandmaster Cutrell is also recognized by many world organizations including the WOMA/ World Head Soke Council of Japan, Grandmaster Cutrell holds black belt ranking in Taekwondo, Kempo, Nippon Jujitsu, Hapkido, and Simmey-Do Karate. In 2008 Grandmaster Cutrell was prominently featured in a stamp treasury album published by the Chinese government in commemoration of the martial arts during the Beijing Olympics. The book contains pictures of 650 of the most prominent martial artists in the world, and Grandmaster Cutrell was selected as one of the representatives from the USA. Grandmaster Cutrell is also USA Vice-President of the Simmey-Do Karate Federation, a Grandmaster in the Martial Arts Council of Elders, a member of the International Grandmasters’ Society, the United States Martial Arts Association, and many other highly respected martial arts organizations from around the world. Grandmaster Robert Cutrell specializes in advanced self-defense training and has an extensive knowledge of traditional martial arts principles and application. In addition to sponsoring international training camps in Evansville, Indiana, his hometown, Grandmaster Cutrell has conducted seminars across the United States, Canada, and Europe. He has also instructed several national and world champion competitors. Grandmaster Cutrell has now expanded the ChunJiDo organization to include ChunJiDo schools and affiliates in 5 continents, 32 countries, and over 25 states in the USA.