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About us

Founded by Grandmaster Robert Cutrell in 1996, ChunJiDo International is one of the world's most prestigious martial arts organizations. Originally developed as the governing body for the art of ChunJiDo, the organization has now grown to not only include the global practitioners of ChunJiDo, but also affiliates in 5 continents and over 30 countries! ChunJiDo International is committed to providing the highest quality of physical and mental martial arts & self-defense training in the art of ChunJiDo, and affiliation with a worldwide family of diverse martial arts systems from around the globe. ChunJiDo International includes many of the world’s most elite organizations, Grandmasters, Masters, Instructors, and martial artists. Additionally we provide independent schools and individuals with worldwide organizational opportunities, rank promotions, certifications, and other resources to achieve the highest levels of success. Contact us to see how you can become the newest member of the ChunJiDo Family and take the next step on your path to martial arts excellence!