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Master Antonio Coelho, of Portugal, Joins ChunJiDo International!

ChunJiDo International welcomes Master Antonio Coelho, of Portugal as our newest affiliate!* Master Antonio Coelho started training in karate in 1974 at the Shotokai Budo Academy with Japanese Master Murakami. In 1979 he received his 1st Dan (Black Belt). Since then Master Coelho has practiced and sought knowledge in various styles and has been awarded by the Portuguese Association of Self Defense the degree of professor,and he currently holds the ranks of Ninjutsu 4th Dan, 3rd Dan Full Contact, and Kickboxing 3rd Dan. After 33 years of teaching martial arts Master Coelho determined that his students’ main concern was to learn to defend an attack, so he combined all of his years of study in the arts to develop a method that was efficient for the most possible attacks on the street. In developing this street self-defense system Master Coelho founded AMMCO Goshin Jutsu which aims for personal protection of the body on the street. this style is objective and practical for any attack and can be used by any person of any age. Master Coelho has traveled across Europe giving seminars on this extremely effective art of self-defense. *Master Coelho, Welcome to the ChunJiDo Family!*

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