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Congratulations to Our New ChunJiDo Black Belts in San Diego, California!

Congratulations to our new Black Belts from the Blind Community Martial Arts Academy in San Diego, California!* *Lee Morton, Kathy Hennan, Wally Yeatts, Aurora Ortiz, and Shelly Stevens* received their 1st Dan Black Belt in ChunJiDo on July 7th, 2012. These amazing martial artists dedicated themselves to training since 2005 and now recognize their dream of becoming Black Belts! There are moments that re-define how you look at life, and this experience was truly a life-changing event for me. Words cannot express how inspired I was by Lee, Kathy, Wally, Aurora, and Shelly… they are amazing martial artists that have set the bar higher for everyone. They endured a 2 1/2 hour pre-test and then a few days later excelled in a 4 1/2 hour Black Belt test! At the promotion ceremony I did not look out and see anyone that was blind, hearing-impaired. or advanced in age. What I saw was the most incredible group of martial artists I have ever seen! *My highest respects to Sensei Mario Schapp, an amazing martial artist and instructor who already in his young martial arts career has done what many instructors spend a lifetime trying to achieve… He has impacted martial arts, his students lives, and has made the arts something special for future generations!* Our best wishes to Lee, Kathy, Wally, Aurora, and Shelly for their continued success in the arts and our greatest admiration to Sensei Mario Schapp, you are an inspiration to all instructors and exemplify the true meaning of being a Sensei! *Your ChunJiDo Family Worldwide is very proud of all of you!* ~Grandmaster Cutrell

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