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Welcome to ChunJiDo International™, a worldwide organization dedicated to uniting elite martial artists from around the globe! ChunJiDo, literally translated as "The Universal Way of Enlightenment," defines the goal of ChunJiDo International to be a World Leader in preserving the rich traditions of the arts through the unification of styles and systems. Our commitment to the martial arts community is to establish a resource that provides worldwide organizational alignment and opportunities. ChunJiDo International is committed to nurturing collaboration among different styles and systems to support the continued growth of the arts in an environment of integrity and honor. Built on the belief that we are one, " ChunJiDo Family" united in bringing the world of martial arts closer, regardless of styles, systems, or cultural differences. If you are a student, instructor, school, or organization, we have the resources available to help you grow and advance in the arts. We can provide promotional and organizational opportunities, martial arts supplies, training DVD’s, and seminars. Join now and become part of a network of Grandmasters, Masters, and martial artists dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in the arts while sharing ideas and philosophies. Together we can unite the world of martial arts and preserve the honor and traditions those before us worked so hard to maintain.

ChunJiDo USA

National Director: Sensei Nancy Cutrell

ChunJiDo Germany

National Director: Grandmaster Uwe Hasenbein

ChunJiDo Italy

National Director: Grandmaster Michele Pisante

ChunJiDo Ukraine

National Director: Shihan Kahil Salam

ChunJiDo Bahamas

National Director: Sifu Kenneth Lewis

ChunJiDo Bosnia

ChunJiDo Brazil

ChunJiDo Canada

National Director: Sifu Werner Leuschner

ChunJiDo Croatia

ChunJiDo England

National Director: Professor James Moclair

ChunJiDo Finland

National Director: Sensei Ari Puhakka

ChunJiDo Greece

National Director: Shifu Christos Stamatiadis

ChunJiDo Hungary

ChunJiDo Pakistan

ChunJiDo Portugal

National Director: Grandmaster Antonio Coelho

ChunJiDo Russia

ChunJiDo Saudi Arabia

National Director: Prof. Dr. Mohammad I. Tianero

ChunJiDo Scotland

ChunJiDo Zambia

ChunJiDo Spain

ChunJiDo Sweden

ChunJiDo Netherlands

ChunJiDo Austria

ChunJiDo Switzerland

ChunJiDo Denmark

ChunJiDo India