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Welcome to ChunJiDo International™, a worldwide organization dedicated to uniting elite martial artists from around the globe! ChunJiDo, literally translated as "The Universal Way to Enlightenment," defines the goal of ChunJiDo International to be a World Leader in preserving the rich traditions of the arts through the unification of styles and systems. Our commitment to the martial arts community is to establish a resource that provides worldwide organizational alignment and opportunities. ChunJiDo International is committed to nurturing collaboration among different styles and systems to support the continued growth of the arts in an environment of integrity and honor. Built on the belief that we are one, " ChunJiDo Family" united in bringing the world of martial arts closer, regardless of styles, systems, or cultural differences. If you are a student, instructor, school, or organization, we have the resources available to help you grow and advance in the arts. We can provide promotional and organizational opportunities, martial arts supplies, training DVD’s, and seminars. Join now and become part of a network of Grandmasters, Masters, and martial artists dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in the arts while sharing ideas and philosophies. Together we can unite the world of martial arts and preserve the honor and traditions those before us worked so hard to maintain.

ChunJiDo USA

ChunJiDo USA expands across the US with hundreds of students practicing the art of ChunJiDo in ChunJiDo charter schools in Indiana, Washington, California, and Tennessee. ChunJiDo USA also has State Directors and affiliates throughout the United States representing over 25 different martial arts systems or styles. The ChunJiDo USA Director is Sensei Nancy Cutrell. Sensei Cutrell is a multiple Hall of Fame inductee and the creator of, "CJDivas" a registered, trademarked Women's Fitness and Self-Defense program. .

ChunJiDo Germany

The Honorable Gohshinkan Ryu Grandmaster Uwe Hasenbein of Essen, Germany is the highest ranking member of ChunJiDo Germany as a prestigious member of the ChunJiDo International Council of Elders. The ChunJiDo Germany Director is Hapkido Instructor Bernd Grosse-Daldrup, In addition ChunJiDo Germany is represented by Gohshinkan Ryu practitioner, Sensei Andrea Kelschebach, Master Bernd Hohle, Headmaster of the Martial Arts Association-International, Shaolin Kempo Grandmaster Monika Bertaggia, as well as other elite martial artists from across Germany.

ChunJiDo Italy

ChunJiDo International is the largest martial arts organization in Italy with affiliates throughout Italy representing many styles including Jujitsu, Shotokan, Judo, and Inazuma Ryu. The ChunJiDo Italy Director is the Honorable Grandmaster Michele Pisante. Grandmaster Pisante is one of the most respected Grandmasters in Italy and is a ChunJiDo International Council of Elders member.

ChunJiDo Ukraine

The Director for ChunJiDo Ukraine is Shihan Kahil Salam of Odessa City, Ukraine. Shihan Salam is a ChunJiDo International Council of Elders member and is one of the top Kyokushin Instructors in Europe.

ChunJiDo Bahamas

The Director for ChunJiDo Bahamas is Kung Fu Grandmaster, Sifu Ken Lewis. Sifu Lewis is the Founder of the Four Winds Kung Fu Bai Sung Institute in Freeport, Bahamas, founder nearly 40 years ago.

ChunJiDo Bosnia

ChunJiDo Bosnia is represented by Dr. Amir Topoljak. A high ranking Taekwondo practitioner, Dr. Topoljak, is a key contributor in the establishment and expansion of the martial sports in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

ChunJiDo Brazil

ChunJiDo Brazil is represented by Prof. Olimpio Cezar da Silva

ChunJiDo Canada

The ChunJiDo Canada Director is Sifu Werner Leuschner. Sifu Leuschner, a Wing Chun and Escrima practitioner has trained in the arts for over 35 years and is a direct student of one of the world's top Wing Chun Instructors, Sifu Gary Lam.

ChunJiDo Croatia

ChunJiDo Croatia is represented by Kancho Goran Dudas and Kancho Ana Zuzic, Co-Founders of the International Center for Sinanju Shin Do.

ChunJiDo England

The National Director for ChunJiDo England is Professor James Moclair. England is also represented by Sensei Paul Corrigan and Shifu Christos Stamatiadis.

ChunJiDo Finland

ChunJiDo Finland is represented by Sensei Ari Puhakka, a 3rd Dan Black Belt In Kyokushin

ChunJiDo Greece

The National Director for Greece is Shifu Christos Stamatiadis. Now living in the United Kingdom, Shifu Stamatiadis is the Founder of the School of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts & Philosophy.

ChunJiDo Hungary

ChunJiDo Hungary is represented by Master Kalicz Laszlo of the Modern Self-Defense and Hapkido Aacademy

ChunJiDo Pakistan

ChunJiDo Pakistan is represented by Dr. Ali Zulfigar the editor of the International Martial Arts Times Magazine, one of the most widely published martial arts magazines in the world.

ChunJiDo Portugal

The National Director for ChunJiDo Portugal is the Honorable Goshin Jutsu Master, Antonio Coelho. Master Coelho travels across Europe presenting seminars on practical, but very effective self-defense. Master Coelho is a true Master of the arts and is one of the most respected Masters of Europe. In addition ChunJiDo International is honored to have all of the Black Belts of the Goshin Jutsu system as affiliates.

ChunJiDo Russia

ChunJiDo Saudi Arabia

The National Director for ChunJiDo Saudi Arabia is Dr. Mohammad I. Tianero.

ChunJiDo Scotland

ChunJiDo Scotland is represented by Shihan Joe Burns, Inheritor of the Goshin Ryu Kempo system.

ChunJiDo Zambia

ChunJiDo Zambia is represented by Sensei Jonathan Kruger. Sensei Kruger is the fifth generation Chief Instructor and Menkyo Kaiden to the Kodokwan Judo Jujitsu club of Zambia founded by Japanese Jujitsu and Judo Grandmaster Shihan Seishi Teppei. Sensei Kruger is a Missionary in Zambia teaching underprivileged youth and at risk street children in order that they can become strong leaders in their communities and represent the Zambia Judo Association in Africa and around the world.

ChunJiDo Spain

ChunJiDo Spain is represented by Grandmaster Javier Galan Vasquez. Dr Galan Vasquez has been practicing martial arts for over 40 years and is highly respected around the world for his loyalty, honesty, and integrity. Currently he is President and International Coordinator, in charge of the World affairs for the EJJU ("European Jujitsu/Jujutsu Union) and the IJJU (International Jujitsu Union).

ChunJiDo Sweden

ChunJiDo Sweden is represented by Shihan Johan Pettersson. Shihan Pettersson is the Founder of Gake Ryu Jujitsu.

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